Orange portrait of Sebastian Biot

Cover design is dif­fi­cult. Many people are involved, some of whom may have con­flict­ing ideas about what a giv­en book is about or who it is for. (Au­thors and sales reps come to mind.) The so­cial, emo­tion­al, and sub­jec­tive na­ture of de­sign is al­ways at play.

Some­times, though, things work out. The au­thor is hap­py; the press is hap­py; and I’m sat­is­fied, tem­po­rar­i­ly, with some­thing I made.

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Full cover (front, back, and spine) of “Fire in the Big House.” The cover is bright yellow. The title is set in large black slab-serif letters that look damaged and burnt. The spine is black. The back cover includes blurbs and an author photograph.

Fire in the Big House
Mitchel P. Roth, Ohio University Press, 2019